TK Parent Reviews

"I love our TK program! Play-based learning is such an important (and evidence-based) aspect to how children learn and grow. The REACH TK program has a wonderful balance of play and teaching, using play to reinforce the concepts students are learning every day. I have been so pleased by the progress my daughter has made! She started at the age of 4, turning 5 in September. She went in unable to fully write her name, with only a handful of letter sounds, and the ability to count to 20.  She is about to move up to Kindergarten with the ability to count to 100, all her letter sounds, a beautifully written name, and so much confidence in herself! All of this and (so much more!) learned through play-based methods that far surpass the curriculum of other schools.

I will remain forever grateful to REACH and Mrs. Contreras for the love, kindness, and support she has provided to Susannah. I have no doubt in my mind that enrolling in TK was the best choice for our family, and we are looking forward to Kindergarten next year!

On another note, the speech services offered at REACH are truly wonderful. Susannah has made so much progress and I'm grateful once again to both the speech teacher and to her TK teacher for using evidence-based methods to help her grow!"

-TK Parent and REACH 3rd Grade Teacher, Genevieve Hokanson


”Our daughter was just on the cusp of being age eligible for TK, and we were faced with the option of another year of preschool or starting the TK program. I was apprehensive at first, the day was long and I wasn’t sure that starting “formal” education so early was more beneficial than another year of play based socialization in preschool, however, our older daughter had been attending REACH for the previous 2 years and we have loved the school and were eager to have our children in the same school, so we decided on the TK program. It was seriously the BEST decision we could have made.

The TK teachers are amazing, and the challenge is just right. It is a very “true” TK program full of play, socialization and learning fundamentals to prepare them for Kindergarten without being too rigorous. My daughter didn’t even notice that the day was longer, because she was having such a great time.

And I would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Torres for being an exceptional teacher and continuing to provide quality instruction even with an unexpected transition to distance learning. “
-TK Parent, Monica Richey


"My daughter attended Transitional Kindergarten (TK)  at REACH leadership academy this year. Her birth date was so close to the TK/Kindergarten cut-off that I was hoping she would go straight to Kindergarten, and now we are both overjoyed that she was given the wonderful experience of the TK program at REACH. Transitional Kindergarten at REACH is a fun, stress free program where the children are loved and nurtured. 
 I was impressed with the pace and the curriculum. Parents are informed of what the students are learning, and are given tools to enrich at home, if they choose. Homework is light for the TK program and my daughter always enjoyed the relevant projects that were sent to be completed at home. 
Dropping a child off at school is not a parent’s favorite thing to do, but I always drove away happy knowing and experiencing the care that the entire staff takes to get our little ones safely into the gates. I would recommend REACH Leadership STEAM Academy to any parent. As a public school teacher, I often share with my colleagues the well-thought-out procedures that are in place at REACH. Our family plans to keep our daughter enrolled in this amazing school all the way into her 6th grade year!"
-TK Parent, Sara Knox


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